Creative printing Videos

Videos of some of our Creative Printing work along with finished ads used for TV campaign. 

Westminster Abbey Drone video in 4K ultra HD High Definition

See Westminster Abbey like you have never seen it before.  Drone footage taken of this amazing Abbey in 4K ultra HD High Definition

Westminster Abbey is located just opposite the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben and an ideal sightseeing destination. Westminster Abbey is ranked 11th, House of Parliament 6th and Big Ben 19th of things to in London, according to Trip Adviser.

St Margaret’s Church clock tower.

Is having renovation work done and will be under scaffolding for over two years. A trompe l’oeil building wrap is basically a lifelike print of the building to disguise or hide the scaffolding. The art of course is not only getting the artwork for building wrap accurate but also making the print high enough resolution and ensuring the installation is carried out in a way you can’t see any fixings and creases. Only then will the trompe l’oeil building wrap look life like. The ambition is to make the construction site or scaffold go unnoticed.

World Record Breaking banner for Greenpeace

This single image broke 2 world records, one for the largest image of its kind drawn by a single person and the 2nd to the largest image ever printed on an eco friendly canvas.

Making of Stock Car wraps for Audi R8 TV Ad

Justin Murray interviewed for the Making Of Video whilst at previous business. 

Building Projection Wall & window Wrap Vinyls

The London’s Millbank Tower was turned into a giant video building  in order to celebrate the launch of  a mobile phone. Using massive 3D projectors, the phone manufacture  produced a spectacular light show.

Installation of Building wrap on The Monument

Video footage of the riggers installing the building wrap at The Monument, London. 

Crunchy Nut Truck wraps TV advertisement

Truck wraps used for the Kelloggs Crunchy Nut TV advertisement. 

Audi R8 Spyder TV Advertisement

Audi  R8 Spyder as the beauty surrounded by ‘beasts’ in the shape of some of the most beaten up old Hot Rods. 

Greenpeace interactive Billboard

Greenpeace once again gives us another very difficult printing project which has a “Detox” twist. Greenpeace Poster and Billboard Challenge.