Promotional Branding for a Limousine Vehicle Wrap for a Sports Event

When this client call us I thought he was joking and turns out he wasn’t! It’s not often we produce a promotional branding  vehicle wrap with a large Greyhound fixed to the roof of a limo!

Digitally printed vehicle wrap

Limousine Vehicle Wrap for Sports Promotional Branding Event

So “Who Let the Dogs Out”? Well Sports Mad Media that’s who!

This special Sports promotional vehicle measuring a little over 6m from toe to toe and leaping over the roof of her stretch limousine Bunny embarks on her 2500 mile, 40 day road trip around Britain from Wolverhampton. She will visit each of the sports 25 race tracks, 30 cities and many major landmarks along the way.

David Hood managing director said “It is a deliberately low-tech PR campaign, we wanted it to be that way. But Bunny leaves an indelible impression on people’s memory and delivering upwards of 100,000 unique impressions a day, what new website does that!”

This vehicle wrap was particularly challenging as there is no vehicle template for this American limousine  in the UK. We called our American counterparts and asked them for a vector computer generated template so we can design the vehicle wrap and graphics. After a week a template was emailed over and we made a start on the vehicle wrap design. For use coming up with a design to compliment the enormouse greyhound was going to be a challenge.

Digitally printed on a specialist vinyl wrap material on our large format high-resolution printers. To give the print additional protection against the sun’s UV and general road surfaces dirt and grim its laminated with a 3D vinyl.

This is a great example of promotion branding at its best with creative imagination this is what you can achieve! For more information on promotional vehicle wraps please visit here or please contact us or visit our blog page 

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