Trompe l’oeil print

Trompe l’oeil print is a design technique to recreate realistic artwork that looks lifelike. We use photographic or illustrations and design the artwork, so its perspectives color and scale appear accurate to its surroundings. This creates the optical illusion that the object is three dimensional. Trompe l’oeil (pronounced tromp loy) is French which literally translates ‘deceive the eyes’.

It not just about clever artwork. If the trompe l’oeil print is installed poorly or not relevant to its surroundings, the overall effect will be lost.

Trompe l’oeil print for Somerset House

At Project Print Management we specialise in Trompe l’oeil print. This style print can be used on anything from building wraps and building site hoardings to disguise scaffolding, construction or renovation work being carried out. Or digitally printed wallpaper or wall wrap vinyl which can be used internally or externally. Trompe l’oeil wallpaper print can be used in the office, work environment or at home. The possibilities are endless.

We offer a complete service from design, print and installation. We use the latest super wide and large format digital printers to ensure we we produce accurate and high quality print.

Using Props to enhance the Trompe l’oeil print

Adding some props or real elements like plants or landscape materials which are relevant to the artwork can really enhance the deception. The busier the image and props the more lifelike the artwork will become. It’s all about bamboozling the eyes!

Where did it all start

Trompe l’oeil design is not a new technique. It is said the Greeks invented it, but the Romans who mastered this creative style to enhance their villas. This was to make their live space seem grander and more spacious.  By the 17th century, particularly among Dutch artists, who achieved new levels of realism. The illusionistic artwork was so convincing, they provocatively entice us to reach out to them, until we look closer and realise, we’ve been deceived.

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