Trompe l’oeil hoarding at Westminster Abbey

Trompe l’oeil hoarding effectively mimics the building’s façade to hide the construction site and scaffolding.

trompe l'oeil hoarding

London, UK – Project Print Management (PPM) specialises in building wraps and printed hoardings which mimic the building’s façade to hide the construction site or scaffolding. The company is renowned for offering practical and deliverable solutions for exceptionally challenging large format print projects, some of which include Somerset House, Fulham Palace and several others on Harley Street.

One of the company’s most challenging projects, however, was the ‘trompe l’oeil’ building wrap recently put in place at Westminster Abbey.  According to Project Print Management owner and creator, Justin Murray, this is a highly specialized craft. The process begins with a team of engineers and designers collecting accurate measurements and photos of the building façade, which are then carefully edited to create the perfect realistic perspective, colour and scale. The goal was to keep the design simple with little copy, since so many Abbey visitors tend to be foreign tourists and schoolchildren.

The images were digitally printed on aluminium composite panels, and the overall size of the hoarding was 4 meters high and 87 meters long.

“We enjoyed working on Westminster Abbey tremendously,” says Murray. “It’s such a magnificent structure. We think the results of our efforts speak for themselves. Project Print Management has many years of experience in the business, and we have the expertise to provide innovative solutions to some of the most challenging print projects, as shown in our work at the Abbey.”

Murray explains that most facade building wraps are for decorative purposes, and are often used when historical buildings or buildings of architectural importance undergo refurbishment or maintenance work. Hiding the unattractive sight of scaffolding and a messy building site enhances the construction site and the amenity itself.

The company has also recently and events that include ice-skating in the winter and the popular Film4 screenings in the summer, when the courtyard is transformed into London’s largest open-air cinema.

This particular building wrap was digitally printed on 5-meter-wide format printer using UV ink technology onto Verseidag mesh PVC banner material, which allows the wind to pass through.

Other remarkable projects include Large Format Print Projects, such as the Everton FC Stadium wrap, BNP Paribas lift shaft printed screen and the Kingston Market stall door wraps to name just a few. Many of these types of projects have never before been accomplished.

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About the Company

Scaffolding and Building wrap specialist Project Print Management is renowned for its creations of digitally printed building wraps, creative site hoardings, and the more challenging large format print projects.  In collaboration with only the best and most experienced industry professionals, PPM has worked on projects ranging from installations around the whole of Everton FC stadium, to prints on the construction hoarding at Westminster Abbey.

The company works on projects of any size, offers competitive pricing and is proud to offer the best possible return on investment.

trompe l'oeil hoarding