Terms of Business

  • We cannot accept responsibility for consequential damages or loss of any kind resulting from the sale, installation, or delivery of our products.
  • Whilst we would like you to arrange your own collection (using your preferred supplier), we would be willing to either select our own carrier or provide a dedicated delivery at your expense plus overhead charge.
  • No re-print will be undertaken free of charge unless accompanied by an official order and necessary proof. Any faulty products or print errors must be reported in writing within 48 hours of receipt.
  • Any verbal order will be accepted, but in the absence of any supportive documentation, Project Print Management LLP will not be responsible for any mistakes arising there from.
  • All work undertaken is under the condition that a complete, high-resolution file is supplied, complete with a colour proof and purchase order with the exact specification. Additional artwork will be charged at the prevailing rate. (Currently £60).
  • Due to the limitations and the sensitivity of the various substrates, it is impossible to reproduce all colours accurately. Therefore, in the absence of a representative from your company to select the appropriate colour sample, reproduction will be at our discretion.
  • All quotations are valid for 30 days.
  • For urgent orders (less than 2 days from receipt of artwork) a premium will be charged at the prevailing rate (normally 20%).
  • Payment terms are 50% deposit with order and balance on completion.
  • Credit terms are to be agreed prior to any work being started, but they will not be more than 30 days from date of invoice. Should late payment occur, 2.5% per month, or part of month will be added to the original invoice.
  • If we are applying vinyl to a vehicle it must be delivered to our installation facility clean and free from grease and oil. We cannot be responsible for damage to paintwork when the vinyl is removed, and would not advise application on a re-sprayed surface.
  • Project Print Management LLP cannot be held responsible for any damage caused through the workmanship or application of the vinyl products.
  • In the case of full vehicle wraps we recommend trimming out the vinyl from deep recess areas, to avoid excessive pull on the adhesive due to stretching.
  • All goods remain the property of Project Print Management LLP until paid for in full.
  • Pending payment for goods supplied, the customer holds the goods as the Bailee of Project Print Management LLP, and the goods must be kept identified as belonging to Project Print Management LLP.
  • In the event that the customer fails to make payment, the customer irrevocably authorises Project Print Management LLP to enter his premises, repossess and remove the goods supplied.
  • The scaffolding sub-frame and its components unless purchased are owned by Project Print Management LLP. Should others undertake the sub-frame removal Project Print Management LLP have the right to charge for the collection of all material from site or charge accordingly for loss of materials.
  • All lost time due to access or stoppages will be chargeable at a pro-rota hourly or daily rate for number of operatives on site.
  • Goods are not tested or sold as fit for any particular purpose and warranty or condition expressed, implied or statutory to contrary, is excluded. In no circumstances whatsoever shall Project Print Management be liable to the buyer, arising out of the supply of goods, exceed the invoice value of those goods.
  • Project Print Management LLP will not accept responsibility for the inaccuracies in orders telephoned or email by the customer.

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