Facade building wrap to cover construction work

Facade building wrap are used when historical buildings or buildings of architectural importance undergone refurbishment or maintenance work. As these buildings are the reason or part of the reason why tourists visit them, its important, they look as good as possible. Typically, as they are old, they need constant renovation and conservation work. This is … Read more

Facade scaffold wrap to hide construction work in Chelsea.

This facade scaffold wrap is an excellent example of how quality and well executed building wraps should look like. Our brief was to hide or disguise the scaffolding which housed a hoist while renovation work was being carried out. The scaffolding and hoist will be up for 18 months and would be an eyesore for … Read more

Digitally Printed Building Wrap on City Hall, Canada

Big Print our friends over in Calgary, Canada, was awarded the task of producing a digitally printed building wrap. This was to contain the Historic City Hall while it went under an extensive $34.1 million renovation over the next three years. The historic City Hall is now surrounded by Digitally Printed Building Wrap The historic … Read more