Stadium Wrap at Everton FC Installation Started This Week

Stadium wrap at Everton FC installation started this week with the first of 15 mesh banners and due to be completed by December.

Stadium Wraps

Project Print Management specialists in wrapping buildings and structures with digital print was commissioned to produce and install this complex stadium wrap.

The total size of this building wrap is almost 4000M2 making it one of the biggest building wraps in the UK this year.

The Stadium wrap is part of a major ground refurbishment scheme which also includes some new signage and stadium over clad. The large mesh banners are being installed onto a custom banner frame system design by Project Print Management.

There will be more information on the installation of the Everton FC wrap as the installation progress. Video on the installation of the wrap can be found on our video page

If you ever have come across any game, live in the stadium, you must have an idea that these stadiums allure the diverse crowds who have an interest in the game. People are found supporting their teams. So, you will not find any other better idea than choosing the stadium wrap approach, in case you want to endorse or publicize your brand. Like all other advertisements, the primary purpose of stadium wrap advertising is also intended to give exposure to the business. Researches have confirmed that stadium wrap has been an excellent method of advertisement; the presented facts would further prove this rhetoric right: 

130 million new people go for watching games at stadiums every year

According to a research, 61% of the crowds at stadiums are men. So, if your target audience is male, it would make your advertising particularly viable. 

The ages of 47% of spectators range between 18 to 34 years 

When your brand remains before the eyes of spectators for many hours, there may be a lot of people in the stadium who may take an interest in your brand. Having the probability of the best results, the stadium wrap approach appears to be one of the best options for publicising your brand. In the stadium, most of the time, people remain charge and full of energy, and in this condition, when they come across your brand, it has a good impact on their minds, and they remember it for a long time. Having an attraction of people towards your brand lies at the top priority of every investor either his business is well established or new, and through stadium wrap, you can quickly achieve this goal.  

The beauty of this method lies in the fact that stadium wrap cannot be ignored or overthrown as it remains at the front of thousands of energetic spectators.

Having seen all the benefits and positive impacts of stadium wrap, what remains before? It will be an excellent move to improve the performance of your brand. Project Print Management will deal with all the queries and features of your project including design, printing and installation.