Printed Manifestation

Printed manifestation, printed Window graphics office partition manifestation are a great way to enhance the working environment.

Looking for printed manifestation?

Looking for printed manifestation or Custom colourful Interior digitally printed window and office partition manifestation.

With the use of full height glass in walls, partitions and doors, there is a greater risk of people walking into them. Glass must be marked in accordance to the new regulation, Document M-Access To and Use of Buildings (2004). 2.24  “It is a duty of care and states that there must be manifestation at two levels on the glass; between 850 mm and 1000 mm and between 1400 mm and 1600 mm from floor level.”   If you have any glass that is not apparent, it must have manifestation window film applied to confirm with current regulations.

There are many types of specialist vinyl graphic products generically known as Manifestation Graphics or printed manifestation, which offer a flexible low-cost alternative to the traditional acid etching or sand blasting of glass without the restriction of total permanence.

Although having glass manifested this can be utilised a cost-effective way to get the most from your brand and influence the way that staff and visitors think about you whiles improving the working environment.

Project Print Management has developed the traditional acid etching or sand blast self adhesive vinyl manifestation to digital printing full colour graphics onto the manifestation vinyl to produce a new dimension of interior glass glazing. As you can see from the images colour changes the dynamics of the working environment.

Our printed window films can also provide privacy. Whether you want to stop people looking into your office and seeing what equipment you have or whether it is to give privacy into a meeting room from your main office area, we can offer a solution. If people can see into your office, you will be a more likely target for burglars.  They may not break in if they do not know what is on offer.

Often it is necessary to have a clear view through glass, whilst still preventing people from seeing in we are able to use a special perforated printable self adhesive vinyl which till give this ability.

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