Self install building wraps for motorcycle event on Isle of Man

Self install building wraps are often the only practical and affordable way to get a printed building wrap. This self install building wrap was for a client on the Isle of Man for a motorcycle event. The building which was in front of The Black Dub meeting point for spectators and racers is being refurbished and unsightly.

Self install Building wraps

Large and high building wraps (over 100 meter2 and above 5 meters high) is not recommended for self-installing, as it can be very dangerous if not qualified to work on a scaffold structure.

The refurbished building already had scaffolding in place. Working with the scaffolding contractor and confirming the current scaffolding structure can take the windload of the wrap. We guided them how to install a simple allen key (key clamp) scaffold sub-frame to accommodate the mesh printed building wrap.

The sub-frame keeps the mesh building wrap tensioned and away from the projecting scaffolding, as the wrap moves during high winds and can puncher it.

Fixed using bungee (shock cord) laced around the perimeter which allows the mesh wrap to move slightly and keep tensioned.

Preparing the artwork for self install building wrap

The original building and buildings around the site are painted white with a render finish. Having a predominately white building wrap does not look effective, as it looks just like a white sheet of material. The ‘busier’ the bulk of the wrap the more lifelike it looks. We managed to persuade the client to use another local building finish and used a grey stone brick design.

Using the architects line drawing we dropped our stonework artwork onto the template and added a slate roof tiles. A light blue vignette was added to the windows, and to add some fun two life-size images of well know motorcyclists were included on the design.

Printed Scaffold wrap

The material used was a printable mesh PVC

The self install building wrap was digitally printed onto a mesh material and finished used standard webbing with eyelets every 300mm. It was shipped off to Isle of Man where the scaffolders

The finished building wrap looked fantastic and was “the talk of the island”.

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Self install Building wraps