Scaffolding Wrap Advertising

Scaffolding wrap advertising. When a building is under construction, scaffolding is almost inevitable which makes the site very unattractive. If shops are still trying to operate whilst the building work is being carried out then this can heavily impact on the shops business.

Scaffolding wrap advertising

How to get Scaffolding wrap advertising consent.

Installing a building wrap just reflecting the buildings design does not have much commercial value. Developers do not see that scaffolding wraps have a good return on investment (ROI) if it does not have any advertising on it.

Naturally councils want local shops to thrive but also need to grant temporary structure licences to developers to erect scaffolding. This is so work can be carried out safely on the construction site. If scaffolding is covered with blank white debris netting the shops will look closed. With clever design having a scaffolding wrap installed the businesses and shops will not look as if they are affected from the construction work and still appear open. This is a huge benefit to the affected shops or business and a very good point to make when applying for advertising consent.

A lot of London is in a conservation area and the centre of London is just one large tourist attraction. Businesses, Councils and communities have a duty to ensure tourists get the best experience they can and keep London looking as good as it can.  Having scaffolding wrap advertising everywhere is not going to enhance the area, but creative well designed building wraps covering up unattractive scaffolding structures will.

Scaffolding wraps advertising

Councils are now warming to the idea of a small amount of advertising on the building wrap which will at least cover the cost of the Scaffolding wrap. As you can see from the photos of a job we produced near Leicester Square, London. With the building wrap benefiting the local shop advertising its still open, the developer advertising the site, and also visually enhancing the construction site overall.  This is a great example of a carefully planned and well designed Scaffolding wrap advertising as everyone is benefiting from it.

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