Scaffolding Shroud is Effective at Hiding Ugly Scaffolding

This Scaffolding shroud we produced is a great example of how to hide unattractive scaffolding whilst the building is being refurbished. This is our third Scaffolding Shroud we have produced on Harley Street, London in the past 12 months.

Scaffolding shroud

Harley Street is globally known as being home to some of the best private hospitals and world-leading specialist consultants in Cancer, Cardiac, Neurosciences and Paediatrics.

People accept that renovation work and redevelopment is always going to be required. London buildings will always be redeveloping, mainly due to there age and the constant change on design and how we use the space inside the buildings. Old buildings need constant maintenance and many on Harley Street are Listed Building. Ensuring the street is always looking its best is very important to the residence, companies and clients visiting the area.

Prestigious companies realise that keeping up appearances is also very important especial when they have VIP clients. So when a massive scaffolding structure is erected then this lets the whole street down as its very unattractive.

Installing a digitally printed Scaffolding Shroud will hide the scaffolding and the contractors working on it (as best it can as they are in bright high visibility vests designed to be seen!).

The patience in the hospital still wanted to have as much naturally light as possible and see the view out of the window. It was decided this Scaffolding shroud we would use a large weave PVC mesh material. The downside of using the larger weave mesh is the print is not as strong due to 50% of space in the material. The Scaffold Shroud was digitally printed on a high resolution 5 meter wide UV large format printer.

The installation was going to be a bit of a challenge as the pavement is quite narrow and very busy during the day with unwell patience visiting the private hospitals.

It was decided to start at 6 in the morning whilst the street was quite. Hauling a 46 meter x 15.4 meter high PVC mesh banner into place a total of 708M2 weighing in at 215 kg was not going to be easy. Rigging from the roof the Scaffolding Shroud had to be installed silently as there were ill patients sleeping in the hospital. We managed to get the banner off the ground by 7 and without waking any of the patience!

This is a great piece of work which demonstrates the effectiveness of digitally printed Scaffolding Shroud. For more information please contact us.

Scaffolding shroud wrap Scaffolding shroud wrap

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