Tate Britain Digitally Printed Scaffolding banner wrap

Tate Britain Digitally Printed Scaffolding banner wrap, London

Digitally Printed Scaffolding banner wrap

The Tate Britain’s has had a £45m makeover claiming it ‘will make it London’s finest gallery’

Tate Britain has had a multi-million pound refurbishment to ensure it is stays as one of the country’s “finest” galleries. Unfortunately some of the gallery will be closed for the 2012 London Olympics.

So not to disappoint visitors coming to see the gallery, which during the renovation would be under a scaffolding structure a large Digitally Printed Scaffolding banner wrap was needed to hide the unattractive scaffolding.

The Tate Britain ran a competition for artists to come up with designs and the winners would have their artwork printed onto the building wrap.

The scaffolding structure was deep due to the support needed for the roof scaffolding making the wind loads onto the building wrap abnormally high. This is due to the wind coming from both the front and rear of the building wrap putting huge pressure across the fixing points and the scaffolding structure.

To mitigate this additional reinforcing supports were heat welded into the mesh building wrap both horizontally and vertically so the wind load is absorbed across the whole of the structure.

Scaffolding banner wrap needs to be installed by professional installers

The client wanted to keep the digitally Printed Scaffolding banner wrap artwork as simple and tidy as possible so all the fixings had to be hidden. A subframe was attached to the scaffolding to allow us to wrap the mesh print up and around and then tensioned via bungees.

The artwork was digitally printed on the HP XL 1500 and heat welded together on a 14 meter Miller Weldmaster. The installation was undertaken by a specialist rope access team and was completed in just one day.

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