Replicated Building Fascia With Printed Wrap

Replicated building fascia can be installed onto Scaffolding structures. building sites are always an eye saw and ruins the view of everyday people who are why producing a digitally printed mesh building wrap or scaffolding banner can help in disguising the scaffold structure. The digitally printed building wrap will enhance the local area whiles the construction work is being carried out.

Replicated Building Fascia
Digitally printed Building Wrap on Scaffolding

Replicated Building Fascia With Printed Wrap onto scaffolding

Buildings of national importance like The Monument and St Paul’s Cathedral in London had images of the building fascias digitally printed on a building wrap whilst they were under construction to hide the scaffolding, whilst the renovations were being carried out. Although it will never be a good as seeing the building in the flesh, tourist would have at least something to look which visually represented the building.

But your building does not need to be a tourist attraction to warrant a building wrap if it’s going under construction, as building wraps  costs less than you think and start from a little as £1000 + VAT

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