Quality Site Hoarding at Westminster Abbey

quality site hoarding

This is a great example of a Quality site hoarding at Westminster Abbey we designed, printed and installed.

Having a quality site hoarding is very important as its how the public views the construction site and disguises the plywood hoarding which is a health and safety requirement.

We really enjoyed working on this project as it’s not often one gets the opportunity to work in the shadows of this magnificent Abbey. All the staff at the Abbey are friendly, we had lots of space to work in and most importantly in London, a free parking space!

Trying to design a site hoarding ensuring we worked with in the Westminster Abbey’s brand guideline was a bit of challenge.  Working with the official Abbey photographer we selected a number of images which would appeal to a wide audience. Foreign tourists and school children are regular visitors to the Abbey so the Quality site hoarding design had to be simple and with little copy.

This  hoarding was printed on a high resolution digitally printer, laminated with an anti-graffiti film and mounted onto aluminium composite panel also known as Dibond or ACM. 65 liner meters of site hoarding was installed in 2 days.

If you want more information on site hoardings please contact Project Print Management.

site hoarding

Quality site hoarding

Benefits of Using the Advertising Space on Building Sites

Once people used to proclaim their brands by writing on the walls of the town, but now after having secured massive success in the field of science and technology, this publicity method has become obsolete. Site hoarding is one of the most alluring and cost-effective approaches to publishing your message, in this way, most of the people come across the printed message on the site hoarding. Your hoarding can bear excellent results if the advertisement is designed in the right manner. In the case of adopting site hoarding as your advertisement strategy, you must work on the parameters which would attract people towards your advertisement. It is admitted fact that for having the attraction of people, an advertisement must be designed well and in a creative way.

Either for short term or for long term site hoarding will be a good choice to make, it will benefit you in both cases. Multiple areas like bus stations, construction sites, platforms, railway stations, shopping centers and sports clubs could be selected to display the boards and banners. If you want maximum number of people see your message you must agree to place your advertisements on some targeted locations, otherwise most of the people will just come and pass through it.

Several approaches are available in which graphics can be used as marketing purpose. When it comes to making your advertisement public through hoarding graphics, it serves your purpose the best either it is about the simple illustration of the logo or a complete creative advertisement of your business through cards and banners. Hoarding graphics cast a long-lasting impact on the minds of people and hence results in the best manner.

Having not enough budget or wish to use the panels as advertisement boards, the hoarding places can be offered to other businesses who are looking for the publicity of their business through the site hoarding.

Here at PPM, we present you with the best options to make your business shine through our highly specialized advertising strategies and to adorn your hoarding in our digitally printed and laminated panels. Our team puts its utmost endeavors to make everything alluring and attention gaining for the people. These designs help a lot in accelerating development and support marketing campaigns. Having adopted this way of advertisement, you will be able to gain the attention of thousands of people who may approach you through your ads. Keeping in view the benefits of this strategy, you will be ill-advised if you do not adopt this method of publicity.