Protective Screen Print

Protective screen print, down lift shaft. Another innovative print solution from PPM.

Protective screen prints

We were approached by Guideline Lift Services who were tendering to service BNP Paribas lifts. The client wanted a Protective screen print as the maintenance would be carried out during normal working hours. There are two lift shafts one over seven floors at 28 meters high and one over five floors and 17 meters high.

We came up with an innovative print solution for protective screen print

By dropping cables down the lift shaft creating a perimeter template for the fire retardant protection screen print to wrap around. The cables were fixed to the maintenance cradle track in the ceiling.

Other print companies suggested scaffolding structure up the lift shaft and then wrapping a PVC banner around the scaffolding. This would have taken 6 weekends to erect and install and £40k more expensive!

Protective screen print was produced on a Fire Retardant PVC material.

Protective screen print

Guideline Lift Services won the tender mainly because the proposed protective screen print was an innovative print solution was cheaper, less disruptive and quicker.

We came up with the creative artwork and worked with the BNP Paribas designers to create this Trompe l’oeil design.

The 28 meter high front lifts installation was completed in May and had to be done over the weekend by a specialist rope access team. Installing the cable system on the Saturday and then dropping the protection screen print into place Sunday.

The rear lift shaft are due to be done in September. Update: link here is the blog on the rear screen. 

This is one of our favorite print projects we have done in the past few years. An innovative and creative print solutions and half the cost of our competitors. This project demonstrates using Project Print Management’s wealth of experience  and expertise gives our client a competitive edge.

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Behind the printed screen