Protective Aluminium Print Services in Surrey

Protective aluminium print to mimic Listed Building facia

Protecting listed buildings during construction work is vital if we are to preserve our architectural heritage. This is not too difficult if you have plenty of space and does not matter what the protection looks like. Leander Construction Company however did not have much space as large trucks were to squeeze through the entrance of this old underground station which was closed in 1932 and used as Second Wold War bunker by Winston Churchill.

Project Print Management was given the task of designing and installing some type of protection on the Listed Edwardian building and to cover up the distinctive and important facia tiles.

Once surveyed we decided to use digitally printed 3mm aluminium/ ACM which can be fabricated to the shape of the pillars. Aluminium composite which is also know by the brand names of Dibond or Alupanel is made up of an aluminium skin with a polyethylene core making it light weight, rigid and durable. It can also be digitally printed or self adhesive vinyl can be stuck directly to the face of the board.

Getting the artwork to mimic the original fascia tiles was going to be a bit of a challenge but our creative and skillful design team managed to create the printed tiles and they almost disappeared into the background which was what the client wanted to achieve.

The installation was carefully carried ensuring that there will be no damage to the tiles so the digitally printed aluminium composite panels was stuck on using trusted 3M VHB tape ideal for this type of application. The tape adheres very well and can be removed at the end of the application.

Protective aluminium print
Protective aluminium print


Printed Protective aluminium panels
Printed Protective aluminium


Digitally Printed Protective aluminium panels
Digitally Printed Protective aluminium panels

Some history about the tube station: