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Retail Display and Point of Sale solutions

Choosing the right retail display for your product will make or break your sales efforts.

Retail display Retail display Retail display

Deploying Point of Sale displays (POS) or Point of Purchase (POP) with good positioning you can influence consumers buying behaviour more often than you think, resulting in increased sales. An eye catching retail display will help your product get noticed.

By adopting and understanding the benefits of retail displays will be effectively use to grow your profits.

The importance of POS in competitive marketplaces.

Research on purchase behavior in the US reinforces the importance of in-store advertising solutions given that the majority of buying decisions are made at the point of sale. As new products are released to the markets every day, creative retail display or POS solutions are a key element to promoting your brand. According to POPAI (Point of Purchase Association International) retail displays account for around 60% of total purchase volume made in-store.

An inviting store environment that includes attractive retail display design significantly affects shoppers’ perception of product quality and price level beliefs. It is known that a pleasing shop atmosphere with professional employees build customer trust and encourages potential customers to stay longer, visit more often and purchase more. This is one of the most important efforts stand out from your competitors and ensure higher margins.

Benefits of Retail Displays

Retail display and Point of Sale solutions can have many beneficial effects if you understand principals of modern store design, you know which type of retail display you would like to use and at which position you want to place it.

  • Retail fixtures have a huge impact on consumer decisions. More likely shoppers will be attracted to a well presented product and are willing to accept the price for a higher value they perceive.
  • Not only will a retail display increase your products’ sales potential and stimulate impulse purchasing, it also will secure your bottom line profits.
  • Keep your brand uniform. Retail displays allow you to keep a consistent brand image across a broad range of categories and formats. If you market your brand in many different stores, then it is inevitable to create great unified display design for your product.
  • Target your customer base. Understanding the special taste and expectations of a customer demographic, you can effectively use custom retail display designs to attract a targeted customer base and influence the way they perceive your brand.
  • Sell by teaching. Use carefully printed vinyl graphics and signs to accentuate an items feature. Inform your customers about the exclusive benefits that your product offers.

Use Retail Fixtures to Enhance your Store Image

Get your product seen. Differentiate from the others. In such a competitive marketplace you need to find creative solutions to build a reputable store image that will ensure customer will keep coming back.

Depending on the product you want to showcase, your retail space and given store design there are many possible store design solutions that you can apply to project your brand or marketing message. What do you want your customers thinking about in your  shop or store? Very low price merchandise without brands vs. value oriented pricing or only luxury items what is your unique selling point?

  • Decide for the right Display Type.
    You can choose to showcase your products on a stand alone floor display unit (FSDU),  if you need flexibility in size and maximum durability. Find an appropriate retail display design that optimally accentuate your products’ features. Colourful and creative custom retail designs grab the attention of people walking by. The more exclusive presentation of a product will mostly persuade people to accept a higher price, since they perceive a higher value.
  • Create an inviting atmosphere.
    A positive buying experience is an important aspect if you want people to feel comfortable when shopping in your location. They want to feel a positive mood before deciding to purchase. Make sure you plan for a proper lighting, use a harmonious mixture of materials and colors for your store theme.
  • Choose a known brand as attention magnet.
    A way to reinforce your store image is to present well established brand articles on attractive retail display racks. The recognition of a trusted brand will have great effects on how customers perceive the overall quality of your store environment. This association will spill over to your own store image and decides whether people like to spend time shopping here.
  • Communicate Brand Message with colour Graphics and Signs.
    It is of great advantage if your retail display goes in combination with eye-catching graphics and retail signs to provide additional information, a sticking company slogan or to highlight a special advantage of your product.
  • Feature your retail display on prime location
    On the competitive store floor every square meter counts. Place your best brands at spots where they get easily recognised. The right positioning of retail displays helps to comfortably guide customers through the store without difficulty to find what they need.

3 Main Retail Shop Display Types

Retail Displays are in-store visual displays to show off your inventory or to accentuate a high-margin product. We distinguish between three main types of retail displays:

Floor Standing Display Units (FSDU)

Floor Stands are retail displays, which can be placed anywhere on the retail floor and host a variety of product categories. It is the most often deployed display type, because it can withstand a huge amount of product weight for a very long time.

Counter Top Unit (CTU)

Counter top display units are put on tables and counters where space is really limited for example near the cash wrap. They often entice impulsive shoppers to buy items while waiting to check out, without previously having the need for it.

Retail Signs

Retail signs have a high impact on product branding and are often combined with retail displays to emphasise a products feature. Some of very simple but highly effective merchandising solutions can be little more than an eye-catching well-placed retail sign.

How to Get Your Perfect Retail Display Design?

There are lots of retail display solutions that you can choose from, depending on the product you want to display, your available retail space and existing store design. Your investment in a retail display if well planned will help your company sell more products with higher margins. Here are tips you can consider before making your decision to buy your desired fixture:

  1. Analyse your product’s features.
    First of all consider the size, weight, shape and color of the product you would like to showcase on retail fixtures. What is special about this product, how can you best accentuate its features?
  2. Consider the theme of your store.
    Think about which materials will fit best your store design. You want to emphasise your displayed product, but don’t want to risk to destroy the overall look of your store choosing wrong materials and colors for your retail display.
  3. Understand your customer demographic.
    Who is going to be most likely interested in the product you are planning to showcase?
  4. Choose an appropriate retail display type.
    Depending where in the retail space you are planning to place your retail fixtures, there are many options how you can design your fixture.
  5. Communicate your brand message.
    Think of a special feature, information or a brand slogan you want to communicate to customers and utilise graphics, banner and signs to make your product informative and stand out.
  6. Get some design inspiration.
    Browse the web and find some retail displays that are closest to your requirements. Take this design as your starting point for your own custom retail display.
  7. Find a trustworthy source for your retail display.
    Check their industry specific expertise and compare some of their projects with other manufactures. Can they show proven track record, enough projects and credible testimonials? Ask for the working process, discuss your program and demand a quote and compare again.

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