Construction Hoarding & Building Site Hoarding

Construction hoarding and building site hoardings why are they needed?

Construction hoarding is a temporary fence which is used to secure a construction or building site. Site hoardings for construction site hoardings are required by law for safety reasons but is also used to limit theft and liability. A variety of  hoarding products are available, ranging from webbed plastic for very temporary barriers to solid ply or OSB3 board panels. These offer a secure building site hoarding for several years on a large or complex location. These building site hoardings can be installed, maintain, and removed by third-party hoarding specialists for construction companies that do not want to handle this personally

Typically, a construction hoarding is tall enough to be difficult to climb or jump over which is approximately 2.44 meters high. Some designs have holes to allow people to see into the job site, while others are solid. Gates provide access, and can be locked when no one is present at the site.

Project Print Management offer construction hoarding design

This adds some creativity and visual interest to what is usually a very cumbersome ugly wooden wall. The digitally panels printed can have information about the construction project or the hoarding panels might be printed with a CGI (Computer Graphics Imaging) of the construction development.

Some companies preparing for a lengthy project might sell the ad space on their site hoarding if in a primary location. Landscaping features can be added although they are typically not because they could be damaged by the ongoing construction activities.

From a safety perspective, construction hoarding keeps unauthorised personnel out of a building site, which reduces the risk of injury.

Building contractors can also be concerned about theft and loss. People may enter a job site to steal building materials or equipment, especially expensive products like copper or aluminium cladding. As a building goes up, it can be difficult to fully secure a building site, creating openings for people to get inside and vandalise the structure or take building supplies. The construction hoarding limits access and makes it difficult for people to enter the building site.

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