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Print Management with a difference.

“Focus on what you are good at; delegate all else,” writes Leander Kahney in his Steve

Jobs biography, Inside Steve’s Brain. “Jobs doesn’t direct animated movies or woo Wall Street. He concentrates on what he’s good at.”

The most successful entrepreneurs, the best marketers or business leaders, all know the secret to success lies in taking the weight off your own responsibilities; giving control to those who are good at things that you’re not. Said former American president, Dwight D. Eisenhower: “leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it.” You can’t get back time wasted trying your hand at something you’re inexperienced in—let the experts take control.

There’s a reason you don’t see Lionel Messi playing in goal, different roles require different skills, and—like the analogy of a swan, graceful to the appearance but paddling frantically below the water—things are always a lot more complicated than they appear from the surface. Taking on work in a field you don’t truly comprehend can have disastrous results. If you want your print project to success, look to those who know the print industry best.

What exactly is print management?

Think about this: there are more than 12,000 printers currently operating in the UK. Many specialists for many fields, and not every one of them is the right printer for your job. How do you find the one who is? Think about it: print size or format, materials or installation, print scheduling or managing costs … there are countless factors in getting a job done, getting your order printed and delivered to customers on time, how can you possibly know the ins and outs of every detail if this is not your field? Which is where Project Print Management come into play.

Project Print Management do what it says on their tin, they manage all of your printing needs, taking you from zero to hero in getting your job delivered on time, in the best possible quality, and always at the best possible cost. With a team of brilliant print experts who know their job inside out, why spend time attempting to manage your own print project when you have someone on hand who will do something ‘because he wants to do it’? Focus on what you’re good at, delegate all else.

Maximise both budget and quality.

Experienced and highly-skilled, PPM take the time to understand the countless variables that are involved in delivering the best possible service for any printing project, whatever the size. Have you ever considered the myriad of things involved in such jobs? Print management is about more than just print, it’s about making a project happen.

  • Print consultancy: advice on print, materials and installation.
  • Print purchasing: printing costs can vary widely, let us ensure you have the very best price available for your job.
  • Marketing: follow-up mailings, integrated campaigns, response drivers, and so much more besides.
  • Creative services: from design and artwork setting to proofing.
  • Storage: your printing job may well span across a serious amount of paper, ensure it’s stored in a safe and sizeable location.
  • Fulfilment: picking, packing, and shipping of your print project.
  • Distribution and logistics: a seamless end-to-end printing solution is crucial, trust the right people for the right job.

Why shouldn’t I try and manage the project myself?

Said the American polymath, Benjamin Franklin: “an investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” Experts are there for a reason. When you don’t outsource your print, you’ll likely waste days or weeks on trying to sort out complicated details that those in the know could resolve in hours. Most people are familiar with digital printing, but how big can you scale up to? What is the best material to use? Which is going to be fit for purpose, and at what print resolution?

And that’s just the beginning, each year sees the industry change dramatically; techniques and technologies move rapidly, and those not immersed in it can quickly lose pace. Machine quality changes all the time, what was once impossible may now be commonplace. Print management experts are on hand to allow you and your business

to capitalise upon new innovations, to maximise the return from your spend, to ensure you receive the best possible quality at the best possible price.

The tangible benefits of print management.

PPM are the ‘people who want to do it’ who Dwight D. Eisenhower spoke of, they’re your go-to delegation specialists and they can alleviate stresses that you simply don’t need. Why take on something yourself when there are experts waiting to deliver the best job, to the best quality, and at the best price. Time and time again. Think about it: with print management specialists on hand you can …

  • Explore more options: print management companies constantly monitor all of the latest industry developments and innovations, you will be astounded as to the materials you can print onto in 2019. Why settle for the norm when your project can the most progressive it can?
  • Save money: Project Print Management has relationships with hundreds of printers, printers who each specialise in different areas—they know which are the most cost-effective for each individual project, which keeps your costs to a minimum every single time.
  • Reduce risk: when you haven’t spent years in the print industry, like PPM have, it is notoriously easy to ask for the wrong thing, the wrong materials for the wrong applications. Do you want your brand to be associated with huge, poor quality prints fixed unsafely to walls?
  • Save time: time is money. Finding printers, choosing paper format, asking for quotes from lots of different printers … it all takes time. A whole lot of precious time. Project Print Management, with its years of experience, can do it all in a fraction of the time.
  • Minimise complications: print in many businesses is poorly controlled, because it can be a hassle—sticking with the experts means potentially complicated situations can be averted with ease. Don’t take the risk.

Don’t risk your business’s reputation.

Print mistakes can easily tar the reputation of a solid brand. Poor quality scaling might see a stock image turn into a blurry apparition on prominent hoarding, the incorrect application could cause a dangerous and costly safety hazard, and compromising on proofing could result in an embarrassing faux pax. From saving money and time to pushing for a better quality and more creative outcome, hiring print management specialists can transfer your project.

“Alone we can do so little,” said the American author and political activist, Helen Keller, “together we can do so much.” It’s a sentiment you’ll find across many a management handbook, but one we should not forget. Delegation is not a sign of weakness, rather a sign of great management, allowing experts to look after the services they know best, your project can shine, and—most importantly—you can concentrate on the areas in which you excel.

Don’t go alone, don’t let inexperience steer you to a costly mistake, allow Project Print Management to be a part of your team. Work smarter, work together, and the results will look after themselves.

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Print Management