Print Management

Print management – more than just print!

There are over 12,000 printers in the UK and not every printer is right for your particular job. So how do you find the right one – what about print size, format, materials, installation, project scheduling and everything else that needs to get done in order to get your project printed and out to customers on time? That’s where Project Print Management comes in.

Project Print Management manages all of your printing needs for you. However the term ‘print management’ can be a bit deceiving as it encompasses many different things:

  • Print consultancy – advice on print, materials and installation
  • Print purchasing – printing costs vary widely
  • Marketing – follow-up mailings, integrated campaigns, response drivers
  • Creative services – design, artwork setting, proofing
  • Storage – where else would you fit all that paper?
  • Fulfillment – pick, pack and ship!
  • Distribution & logistics – a seamless end-to-end solution is crucial


PPM involves taking the time to understand the many variables needed in order to deliver the best possible solution.

The benefits of print management

When you don’t outsource your print, you could waste hours on trying to sort your print project. An example: most people are familiar with digital printing but how big can you go up to and what is the best material to use for the project which is going to be fit for purpose and at what print resolution?

There are so many aspects to printing that it’s easy to see how the benefits of print management stack up:

More options. Print management companies monitor industry developments and innovation (we could show what we can materials we can print onto, you never thought possible!)

Save money.  We know 100s of printers and which are the most cost-effective for each project – this keeps your costs to a minimum.

Reduce risk. When you haven’t spent years in the print industry, it’s notoriously easy to ask for the wrong thing and have huge prints of rubbish fixed unsafely to a wall!

Save time. Finding printers, choosing paper format, asking for quotes from lots of different printers – it takes a lot of time. Project Print management sorts it all in a jiffy.

Less hassle. Print in many businesses is poorly controlled – because it’s a hassle, whereas print management company expertise often proves invaluable.

The printing industry changes dramatically every year

Every year sees huge leaps forward in printing  techniques, advancements in technology and machine quality.

Print management experts allow you to capitalise on this innovation and maximise the return from your spend – without actually doing any of the hard graft yourself.

When you need the best quality, the best service and the best price – hiring print management experts, like Project Print Management, is always better than going it alone.