Event Branding

Event branding

Event Branding is a great was to communicate at outdoor events.

Road shows are becoming more important as outdoor events get to the very heart of your target market, and at PPM we can produce a wide range of promotional and event branding to get you noticed.

We understand the importance of event organising and brand recognition to ensure the right message gets across at roadshows or events.

Event vehicle branding

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Event truck branding

At busy events, with many brands competing for attention, it can be hard to initially draw people in regardless of the quality of your product. An excellent product with ineffective marketing is a waste – we want to work with you to make sure that your brand gets the recognition it deserves.

The continued increase in popularity of outdoor events and festivals has led to brand ‘experiences’ becoming an effective method of reaching the public at ground level. This can be in the form of product placement, sampling or fully produced entertainment. Our team will work alongside your designer or production agency, to ensure we can produce the best possible visual graphic or print to making your event stand out amongst your target market.

Event Branding

Event branding or exhibition branding is an effective marketing strategy, and is a way of communicating with your target audience. Promotional Branding is a way to get your company noticed, as well as conveying the right message to potential customers. Event branding is popular at outdoor events such as festivals, historic squares and exhibition halls. It is a cost-effective way of reaching customers. There are many different ways in which event branding can appear, for example; at a music festival or exhibition. Some of the types of branding that can occur are; branding wrap on vehicles such as buses, external themes, site branding, venue marketing, theme and branded tents however; the possibilities are endless.

There are three important factors that work together in order to produce an effective event branding campaign: the brand name, slogan and logo. If all three of these standout and are memorable, then they can create a lasting first impression that can draw new customers to you instead of other brands at busy events. We can work with you to ensure that your brand name, slogan and logo are accurate to your service and stand out in many different environments amongst many other brands.

Brand Name

From a marketing perspective the brand name is everything. It is one of the most crucial elements in developing a product’s brand image. It needs to be memorable as well as quick and easy to read. In big events, where there are too many brands to remember, your brand name needs to stand out amongst all the others.

In combination with an effective name is an effective way in which it stands out. This can be in the type font or art style used on it, where it is positioned on a poster (in the middle isn’t always the best option) or the type of background used in order for it to stand out. We can work with you in order to make sure your brand name stands out at busy events and gives a strong lasting first impression.

Usually, an abbreviated version of the brand name can be used in its logo so it could be important to consider this when settling on a brand name.


A good slogan can help customers commit a brand to memory. Slogans are crucial when developing a verbal identity. The slogan should convey the audience in a clever way letting them know what they should expect.

The combination of an effective slogan and brand name is perhaps the most powerful way of drawing customers in who’ve never heard of you. The slogan should be related to the brand name in some way and make the connection between the two look natural.

Creating an effective slogan can be hard as there are so many brands trying to do the same thing. Our team can help you design a well-constructed and eye-catching slogan that, in combination with your brand name, draws people in.


A well branded event should have a custom logo, specific to the event to promote freshness and excitement to the event. It is also a good idea to incorporate the brand name and the slogan to the logo. Having all three work organically with each other can really strong visual impact at events. This can stand out in multiple formats, whether it’s on a vehicle, building or on posters around a large event site.

There are many features in a campaign that can be centred around a logo. This could be in its shape, size, colours used and if there are alternative versions of it to be used for different environments.

A clear and defining logo is one of the most powerful promotional tools. If you have a logo that stands out, it will be the most memorable and distinctive way you’ll be remembered by customers and how you’ll be identified in future events.

Our team can help ensure that your logo is perfect for different types of events, that it’s visually outstanding and that it’s true to your brand.