Outdoor Media

Outdoor Media also known as outdoor advertising covers a whole range of OOH (Out Of Home) advertising or marketing products. The main outdoor media printing products are building wraps, billboards, advertising hoardings and large format signage. Also becoming more popular is the large format LED digital signage. The LED digital signage will ultimately take over from the digitally printed billboards. In the same way digital printing superseded the traditional screen printing process for the billboard sector.

Outdoor media is now over a one billion pound industry.

Outdoor media is now over a one billion pound industry in the United Kingdom and expanding by around 10% per year. The use of technology is helping bring this advertising medium into a more dynamic business with combining tradition printing products and digital screen media together.

Project Print Management specialists in Building wraps and Printed advertising hoardings. We also produce large scaffold banners and innovative and unusual billboards. But Outdoor media is not just about billboards and Building wraps. It can also include things like bus or coach wraps, Posters and advertising on taxis. Even advertising painted onto the grass of football or rugby pitches! The list for printed external media products is almost endless. Basically, anything which is outside and has advertising on!

 Development of both digitally print machines and printable media.

Because of the development of both digitally print machines and printable media we can print onto also any material. From fabrics and tiles to carpets and wood. This allows us to produce, cost effectively, a whole range of advertising mediums. From advertising on a whole building wrap to digitally print image printed onto pavements which people can walk over. The inks are now more environmentally friendly than ever with a five year outdoor life. This means your outdoor media can reach thousands of people over it potential five year life making it very cost effective per impression.

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Scaffold shrouds advertisement 

Outdoor media

Outdoor Media