Façade Retention Wraps

Buildings need renovation and upgrade work done to them regularly. However, you may have a building with an attractive or artistic façade that you would like to preserve during this time. After all, no one likes to look at tall scaffolds in front of buildings as they pass by them. Scaffolding typically looks too dull and plain, which degrades the attractiveness of the building itself. To make your building look less like an eyesore, you’ll want to hire the right company to install façade retention wraps for you.

Project Print Management has been the premier provider of building wrap services in the UK for decades. We specialise in providing printed wraps for the specific purpose of managing projects related to building construction, renovation, and upgrades. Our customers mainly consist of landlords, real estate investors, and business owners who want to retain the appearance of their building while this work takes place. So, they come to us because they know we have a team of experts who can handle any wrapping job for façade retention purposes.

There are a lot of contractors who offer these same services, but very few of them can do the kind of quality job that we can do. Our team has the proper training and experience to install a façade retention wrap just right. Then each passerby who looks at the front of your building will think it is very attractive! They’ll need to look extra hard just to notice the scaffolds are even there.   

Project Print Management offers free consultations and price estimates for each potential client who contacts us. We are a company that you can trust to perform the highest level of customer service possible. All prints are digitally designed before we even begin the wrapping process. You will be given the chance for quality control checks along the way before the final Façade Retention Wraps is printed and installed for your project’s façade retention.

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For infomation on getting the scaffolding prepared visit www.designingbuildings.co.uk/wiki/How_to_get_scaffolding_prepared_for_Building_wrap

Façade Retention Wraps