Printed Scaffold Wraps to Hide Building Site Offices

Digitally Printed scaffold wraps is a great way to hide scaffolding or construction site offices.

Digitally Printed scaffold wraps

Digitally Printed scaffold wraps

Digitally Printed scaffold wraps

Temporary building site offices and welfare areas are a health and safety and legal requirement in the construction industry. These on site facilities often have to be located in temporary portable cabins. Sometimes whilst construction work is being carried out the business is still open and these portable buildings can look very unsightly which might drive important business away.

Printed scaffold wraps ideal for hiding portable cabins.

Covering these buildings with a digitally printed scaffold wrap is a quick solution to making these buildings more attractive and inviting for clients. A simple scaffolding structure can be assembled around the portable buildings and a printed scaffold wrap can be installed.

Printed scaffold wraps need careful planning

Getting the artwork right is very important. If not correct the visual impacted is be greatly reduced. We photographed used a high resolution camera the buildings next to these portable offices and artworked the images so the fitted in the space we needed.

Due to very strict planning laws in England using printed scaffolding wrap for advertising if often not permitted and would suggest speaking to the local planning officer before any advertising goes up.

In this example as we have not used any advertising which can be as little as a company logo or telephone number we did not need planning consent.

These digitally printed mesh banners were printed on a super wide digital printer. They were installed by our rigging contractor who specialises in these types of mesh banner wraps.  The installation was completed in 4 hours using a portable scaffold tower and working off the roof of the cabins.

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Before printed scaffolding wrap

Before scaffold wrap

Building we took artwork from