Printed Scaffold Wraps to Hide Construction Work

Printed Scaffold wrap are a great way to hide construction work in conservation areas.

Printed Scaffold wrap

This is our largest scaffold wrap this year totalling nearly 1000 meters 2  on Wigmore Street, London.

Digitally printed onto mesh PVC material over 5 banners, 15 meters high each covering 7 elevations. This scaffold wrap was very complex and needed a professional building wrap company like PPM.

We used an invisible fixing method on this building wrap which meant more work for the scaffolding contractor! The scaffold sub frame is made from standard scaffolding poles, fixed with allen key fittings. This makes the frame completely smooth and allows the mesh banner to be stretched around the frame.

building wrap survey positions

Printed Scaffold wrap hides all the messy work.

To add to the challenge the main building needs weekly structural monitoring from the ground to ensure it’s not moving whilst being worked on.  A total of 20 survey holes were made in the mesh banners which had to be fabricated during the manufacturing of the large banners as they cannot be cut once on site. The survey holes had to be very accurate so a detailed survey was conducted and positions included in the artwork. The openings on the printed mesh only needed to be 5mm wide as the survey is carried out using lasers. We made the opening 400mm x 400mm to give us some flexibility during the installation.

Printed Scaffold wrap

Although this job was a bit late due to the complexity of scaffolding, the installation took two days. Six riggers were on site at 5am as they needed to work on Wigmore Street which gets very busy from about 8am because the face of the scaffold wrap was right at the edge of the pavement. The end client and developer were very pleased with the final results.

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Scaffolding banner wraps