Printed Hoarding Panels for High End Developers in London

Been a busy month designing and installing printed hoarding panels for some high end developers in London.

Printed hoarding Panels


We produced two creative advertising hoardings down one street proving advertising hoardings work. Project Print Management started to install printed hoarding panels onto 61 Hamilton Terrace and it did not take long for the property developer Silver Interiors Design and Build at 93 to start making enquiries for an advertising hoarding for their site.

61 Hamilton Terrace was being developed by Saigol DDC  the well-known leading investor in super-prime London property and names royalty & global business leaders amongst its clients. We installed a high quality hoarding panels using black matt finish 3mm aluminium composite hoarding panels with a high quality external grade brush finish gold vinyl cut graphic. Using the very best vinyl’s ensured the quality of the hoarding replicated the high quality development and would last up to two years. The standard external brush finish gold only lasts about 6 month as water tends to get under the face film and damage the gold effect vinyl. The installation was completed in 4 days.

Printed Hoarding panels

The Printed hoarding panels for 93 Hamilton Terrace

Was also going to be black but in a gloss finish with a mirror finish vinyl cut graphic. Once again high quality vinyl’s had to be used to reflect the quality workmanship being undertaken in the development.







There is much debate over what looks better gloss or matt finishing?

High quality hoardings













Although completely subjective it really boils down to the overall design and the landscape around the hoarding panels, as the gloss finish will reflect like a mirror especially black hoarding panels. The advantage with a matt finish it will not reflect as much so if the sun, car headlight or street lights are on it the design can still be visible. All these elements need to be considered as part of the overall design. Ultimately it’s down to personal taste.

The client was so pleased with the Printed hoarding panels we produced at 93 they ordered another advertising hoarding for another one of their developments down the road.

Printed hoarding panels for more information. 

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