Digitally Printed Hoarding camouflage for Building Sites in London

Printed Hoarding to make the hoarding more attractive is becoming more popular and apposed to using them for a marketing.  With the housing market booming in London and the south-east of England building work is popping up everywhere which is causing great stress for the neighbours. With house prices reaching an all time high in London and with most having been extended to the maximum, there is only one place people can go and that’s down!

Printed Hoarding
camouflage hoarding

Printed Hoarding to camouflage unattractive Building Site.

Basements are now very cost-effective per M2 when you compare it to the £12 million house price and digging the basements out is not for the fainthearted.  Often the skip is positioned on the road with a plywood hoarding around it with a conveyor belt carrying the waste from the basement into the skip.

These skip hoardings do look ugly and cumbersome especially when you think most of the affluent areas in London are in conservation areas. At Project Print Management we can digitally print a camouflage aluminium panel and fix it to the skip hoarding so it blends into the environment better.

camouflage printed hoarding
camouflage printed hoarding

Digitally printed hoarding panels can be printed with any design whether its brickwork, fence or ivy and shrubs designs we can assess how best to blend into the local environment.

For more information on the design and installation of printed hoarding please contact us today.

camouflage skip hoarding
camouflage skip hoarding on building sites