Printed Environmental Easy Apply Window Stickers

Window Stickers which are environmental friendly for Greenpeace.

Window stickers
Greenpeace eco friendly window stickers

Yet another challenge from Greenpeace to provide prints for a guerrilla campaign against some of the globes largest sports brands across the world.

Greenpeace requirements were environmentally friendly window stickers

measuring 1 meter x 2 meters, 1.35 meters x 3 meters and 900mm x 2.16 meters in 3 languages, which needed to easily installed at night onto the windows of sports shops by untrained activists.  The other issue was producing a print which was not going to damage the shop windows when the prints were removed as this could be considered as vandalism.

The Greenpeace designers also wanted the window stickers prints onto a clear material so the design looked more integral to the sports brands advertising strategy making it look like the Detox logo was meant to be placed on the windows by the brands.

This was going to be a tough challenge and came up with the perfect solution. We decided to digitally print on our UV Inca Spyder onto 300 micron (0.3mm) Priplak Supercristal clear, gloss polypropylene which is recyclable.

As the prints were going to be air freighted we printed the large logos in 6 sections, medium size prints in 4 and the smaller in 3 sections which also made the installation allot easier.

As the polypropylene panels were not self-adhesive we use clear double-sided tape which also meant we kept the solvent adhesives down to a minimum.

The combination of all these elements provided the perfect print solution for Greenpeace and the project worked beautifully. All the Detox logos were installed without criminally damaging property, safely, efficiently, with the difficult environmental parameters required and most importantly had the desired effect as most of the named sport brands coming to the table and negotiating Greenpeace’s demands.

If more information and to view pictures of the logos being installed please visit:

From Greenpeace website:

Detox our future

We’re challenging some of the world’s most popular clothing brands to work with all of their suppliers to eliminate the release of toxic chemicals into our water.

Greenpeace is campaigning to stop industry poisoning waterways around the world with hazardous, persistent and hormone-disrupting chemicals. Launched in July 2011, the Detox campaign has exposed links between textile manufacturing facilities causing toxic water pollution in China, and many of the world’s top clothing brands.

Beau, a toxics campaigner from Greenpeace South East Asia mailed me some photos from Manila this morning and wrote: “Three volunteers dressed in bright orange coveralls gave them the appearance of professional work crew so even security did not bother them. They calmly attached the sticker panels to the shop window and then left. Some of us stayed around the mall area to see what the reaction would be. Half an hour after the store opened, the store personnel still did not notice it. Now we are betting how many days it will take for them to notice that they have a new brand.”

Take action online

You can browse our Rebranding Adidas map below, or head straight to Google Maps to find an official Adidas store near you. Remember, only official Adidas stores! Click the map marker for the store, and if you see a “Write a review” link, click on that too.

Adidas are falling behind in the Detox Challenge. Leave them a rating and review that’ll encourage them to pick up the pace, and address their toxic water pollution problem (and if you can’t think of anything to say, rate other Detox comments you see as helpful by clicking the “Yes” link beside them).