Printed building wraps in Marylebone, London

Printed building wraps are mainly used for decorative purposes to cover a building site or scaffolding structure. This scaffold wrap we produced for The Harley Street Clinic on Weymouth St, Marylebone, London  is a great example of the printed scaffold wraps we can produce. Digitally printed high resolution onto a mesh PVC banner material and measured 14 meters high x 40 meters long.

Printed building wraps

Project Print Management offer a total solution for building wraps from design to installation. This Printed building wraps we photographed, designed, digitally printed and installed in just 3 weeks. We worked with the main contractor’s scaffold company who installed the required sub-frame needed to accommodate the printed wrap. The scaffold sub-frame is very important as this keeps the printed scaffolding wraps tensioned and proud of the projecting scaffold tubes. A 400mm gap is needed from the furthest projecting tube to the back for the wrap. This will allow the scaffold wrap to move in and out without touching the sharp end of the tubes during high winds. If the gap is not big enough the banner wrap will be peppered with holes as the tubes will go straight through the banner.

Printed building wraps

The scaffolding sub-frame does not need to be parallel box as we can work around different shapes and buildings. You will see this around the main entrance of the clinic and we have also worked around two buildings.

Most of the enquires we get at Project Print Management are brands wanting to use the Printed building wraps for advertising as they see the value in this effective advertising medium.

There are many things to think through when considering printed scaffold wraps. We have found that a lot of our competitors do not make clients aware enough of the challenges from the start. SO here they are!

  • Unfortunately due to the very tight outdoor advertising rules in the UK any advertising above 4.6 meters (3.6 meters if its in conservation area, and allot of London is) will need planning consent from the local planning authority ( The default position of the council is usually no and you need to persuade them otherwise.
  • Wind Load calculation should be done. The scaffold contractor should have already done this, however some building wraps are considered once the scaffolding has already been installed. This will make altering the scaffolding or if additional bracing is needed very expensive.
  • The sub-frame to hang the building wrap on is often more expensive than the print and installation of it. We can either work with the scaffolding contractor to ensure the frame is how we need it or we can hire / sell the sub-frame.
  • Removal and disposal of the printed wrap at the end of the project. This cost is often overlooked.

For more information on Printed building wraps please contact us. For other examples of our Printed Scaffolding wraps please visit out building wrap page.

For more information on the planning of outdoor advertising please visit the Planning Portal.

Printed building wraps