Printed artwork installation on school wall

Producing printed artwork installation for schools is always fun and rewarding.

Especial when the print is of the children’s artwork. This is a wonderful example of digital print to brighten up the playground at Jubilee Hackney School, London. This printed artwork installation is one of my favourite pieces of work for many reasons. Mainly because each element is a child at the school’s painting. Children’s paintings are wonderful and of great value to the parents but they are unlikely to be of any real artistic importance.  But when they are put together in collaboration it becomes a stunning colourful piece of artwork with a story in every element.

Printed artwork install

A collaboration of artists with a story in every element.

This work also combines old and new design techniques, with traditional pen, pencil or painting on paper, with computers using CAD (Computer aided Design software) like Adobe Photoshop.

Project Print Management we were given 52 drawings and paintings and had to converted them all to an electronic format. Normally we would use a high resolution scanner but as there were so many and budgets were tight we decided to photograph them using a Sony RX100 iii digital camera. The photos were created at high resolution JPEG’s and sent to Chris the schools CAD design teacher to create this magic!

Children pictures

Childrens paintings

As the file sizes were large, part of the challenge for Chris was reducing them down enough so the computer could cope with the processing but still keep the high quality print finish needed as the overall size of the artwork was 2.44m high x 4.88m wide.

Printed artwork installation

How this artwork was printed and installed.

This printed artwork installation was digitally printed high resolution onto a self-adhesive vinyl, laminated with an anti-graffiti film for addition protection. The artwork was then mounted onto a 3mm aluminium composite board (also known as Dibond or ACM). As this art installation was on a brick wall a treated timber sub-frame was used to ensure all the panels lined up perfectly. For speed of installation concrete screw were used so no need for the traditional raw plug and screw fixings.

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