Creative Scaffold wrap for Somerset House

In June 2015 the Somerset House Trust called us to come up with a creative scaffold wrap to hide some construction work. The work was being carried out on the south elevation roof. Somerset House is a Grade 1 listed multi-functioning building. Operating restaurants, café’s, offices, museum, public open space, events and visitors also come to just see magnificent building. The client wanted to ensure that any construction working being carried out would not affect visitors experience of Somerset House.  They did not want the contractors to be seen whilst they were working and wanted to somehow camouflage the cumbersome scaffolding structure. We came up with a design and solution and working with their scaffolding contractor they erected a scaffolding sub frame for a mesh banner to be wrapped around. Before the construction work started, we took the photography needed and artworked the file for print production.

Somerset House were very pleased with the Creative Scaffold wrap result and Project Print Management was asked to provide quotes to cover major construction work needed on the Strand elevation as well as inside the courtyard area.

Creative Scaffold wrap should be included in the planning process.

Some four years later we were called back in as the construction work had finally started. We were asked to supply the whole Creative Scaffold wrap project. From the design and installation of the sub frame to obtaining the wind load calculations and creative artwork.  Project Print Management are specialists in design and print however we are often asked to provide a ‘turn-key’ project. This will include several elements we are not qualified in, like the installation of scaffolding structures or working out the wind load calculations and scaffold design. We are happy to manage the complete building wrap project; however, this does come at an additional cost as these elements are ultimately contracted out.

We are happy to work with client’s scaffold contractor

With the huge size and complexity of the Creative scaffold wrap the scaffolding sub-frame can be very expensive. We are happy to work with client’s scaffold contractor ensuring the sub-frame is installed to our requirements. As they are already on site and should have already done the load calculation the scaffold contractor ought to be more competitive.

If the scaffold contractor is in doubt, we can also supply a supervisor to train their staff on how the install the sub-frame and to assist with the installation.

When we carry out the hire and installation of the sub-frame we must remove it. This is to ensure our materials are all returned. This is also an area there could be some savings if the scaffolder supplies the sub-frame then they can remove it more cost effectively. An alternative option would be to purchase the scaffold materials for the sub-frame.

The effectiveness of trompe l’oeil scaffold wraps

This year we have produce five scaffold wraps for Somerset House. The first Creative Scaffold wrap was designed to hide a hoist and scaffolding in the courtyard area. This outdoor area is open to the public and gives the visitors the opportunity to enjoy the buildings architecture. Which is why the scaffolding needed to be hidden and camouflaged out of sight.

The client was so pleased with results of the courtyard trompe l’oeil scaffold wrap they ordered another two for the scaffolding supporting the temporary roof.

A building wrap advertising was also installed on the Strand elevation and used for advertising the exhibition on at the venue. The advertisement changes over every 5 months.

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