Large Format Print Projects

Large Format Print Projects is what PPM specialises in.  One off complex print installation not for the faint hearted. Pushing the boundaries of print installation, we have produced some of the most unusual print work ranging from printed protection screens in glass lifts 30 meters high to vinyl wrapping market stall doors for the council. Specialising in Building Wraps and Printed Hoardings as our normal every day work, we still get excited when we hear that other print companies have told clients it’s not possible. This is when you contact Project Print Management. We love a challenge!

Complex Print Projects is what we excel at. Call us Today!

Large Format Print Projects is what we are good at. Its like anything, it’s easy when you know how. That said there are times when a print installation has just never been done before. This is when 25 years of experience and having the network of industry colleagues to share our ideas to come up with a solution.

With no in-house print production this gives Project Print Management the independence needed.

Having no print production of our own this gives Project Print Management the independence and flexibility needed to find the best print and installation solution. Often print suppliers will find a solution that bests fits their digital print machines and skill set rather than the best solution for the Print Project. Below are some case studies of the typical complex large format print project we have undertaken.

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Large format Print Projects