Portable Cabin wrap for welfare and temporary offices covering

Portable Cabin wrap is an ideal way of covering or camouflaging a temporary office or welfare cabin. Due to the very nature of Portable Cabins or temporary office buildings, they are only short-term. However, ‘short term’ can be interpreted very differently. Some large construction builds can be many years, with the portable cabin intended being in location for some 10 years or more. Its hardily temporary.

Often the temporary office can be located on a gantry four meters high in the middle of the city. Or even in public open space or park as the construction site does not have the space needed. Having staff welfare facilities on site or nearby is a legal requirement and depending on the number of workers on site the portable office can be very large buildings. As a result, these temporary buildings are an eyesore. The main contractor or client often decide to cover them with a decorative Portable Cabin wrap or marketing message. The council might ask for the portable cabin or temporary buildings to be covered with a decorative print to mitigate the eyesore. If the marketing message or advertising is over 4.6 meters from the ground or in a conservation area you will require advertising consent from the council.  

Portable Cabin wrap installation

There are three ways to cover the temporary building each having pros and cons.

Vinyl wrap, which can be digitally printed or using a self-coloured adhesive vinyl. The same way as vehicle wrapping is done. This method is good for short and long term installations depending on the grade of vinyl used. The print can also have an anti-graffiti laminate which will protect the print. Due to the very nature of a dusty construction site the portable cabin wrap will become dirty quickly and needed to be cleaned regularly. 

Benefits of vinyl wrap

  • Short and long term
  • Opening windows not an issue
  • Anti-graffiti laminate option
  • Wrap can be removed without damaging cabin

Issues with vinyl wraps

  • Weather must be favourable during installation of the wrap
  • Access could be an issue if cabin has already been installed
  • Vinyl will not stick to textured surface or fabrication joins

Some of our projects using Portable Cabin wrap installation

Temporary Office wrap
Temporary Cabin wrap


PVC or Mesh wrap

This method is the same as when we wrap buildings with a print. The material comes in 5 meters wide, so size is not an issue. Medium term up to 5 years

Benefits of PVC or Mesh Wrap

  • Will need a scaffolding subframe
  • Covers windows and can’t be fully opened. Although will still let the light in.
  • Cleaning many times will damage the print

Issues with PVC or Mesh Wrap

  • Cost effective for large areas
  • If installed off the ground can be installed via rope access

Some of our projects using mesh material to wrap Portable Cabin.

Welfare Cabin wrap
Welfare Cabin wrap

Aluminium composite covering.

Not the obvious material to cover portable offices with and people have become wary of it ever since the Grenfell Tower. Aluminium composite is a very good, safe and versatile material when used for the correct application. Ideal if the surfaces are uneven or corrugated like a shipping container.

Benefits of Aluminium Composite cladding

  • Long term
  • Can be used on uneven surfaces

Issues with Aluminum Composite cladding

  • Difficult to get a good finish as the material expands and contracts a little
  • Needs to fixed via screws so will damage cabin, if being hired will be an issue.

Some of our projects using aluminium composite

Container wrap
Portable cabin wrap

If you need a Portable Cabin wrapped or need to brighten up a temporary office or welfare unit, please contact us. We can offer free advice as to what installation method will be best for your application.

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