Portable cabin building wrap transforms temporary structure

Portable cabin building wrap it’s not often we get asked to wrap a portable office on a construction site which has no print on, but we were up for the challenge. The main difficulty with this Portable cabin building wrap was the building was very old and almost past is useful life. We were even more surprised they needed the offices up for another 10 years! The temporary building was made up of several cabins fixed together which were being used as the site office, welfare facilities and canteen for the workers on this busy construction site.

Portable cabin building wraps

The idea was not only to make this temporary building look more attractive, but to also help extend the longevity of the building. Our Portable cabin building wrap was needed to protect the exterior which was badly rotting away.

The only option we had was to cover the building with a self-colour 3mm thick aluminium composite panel.  The aluminium composite sheets are a premium product with two 0.30mm aluminium thick face, sandwiching a polyethylene core and comes with a five-year manufactures external guarantee.

Available in a many sheets sizes we used 1220 x 2440 and 1500 x 3000 sheets to ensure we used the material efficiently.

Installation of the Portable cabin building wrap

A treated timber sub-frame was needed to fix the aluminium panels to. This allowed us to work around the uneven surface and help support the composite panels where the building face was rotten through.

Stainless steel screws with colour matched heads were painted to ensure the fixings were not noticeable.

Hampered by the cold as temperatures got to -2 in the early mornings, and by the time you add the windchill factor up a scissor lift was minus 8. No fun at all! Fortunately, the canteen was well stocked and the served an excellent English breakfast, this gave us the motivation needed to persevere through the cold weather.

Four installers managed to get the job completed in six days.

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Installation of Portable cabin building wrap
Rotten cabin
Portable cabin building wrap
Installation of cabin
Before cabin building wrap