One-way vision window graphic, Trafalgar Square

Another high-end installation of a creative photographers artwork digitally printed on One-way vision window graphic at The Hilton, Trafalgar Square, London.

One-way vision window graphic

One-way vision window graphic

What is unusual with this printed application its part of an artwork installation of a photographers photos of the London Underground. Inside the main Lobby and restaurant are a number of creative pictures and photographs being showcased of artists and designs from the Artvogue collection.

About Artvogue

“We supply high end original and bespoke art into a number of arena such as Hotels, Restaurants, Corporates, Carehomes and Spas. Working with the highest calibre artists and photographers from around the world ensures ArtVogue’s offering is unique. We offer a number of products and services giving us the ability to answer any brief and seeing the project through from consultation to installation. With an extensive portfolio of Originals, Fine art Photography, Limited and Open edition prints, we can be responsive and find a solution that suits any budget. We work closely with our clients and interior designers to provide a comprehensive solution and deliver affordable and highly original products. With a wealth of creative talent from both artist and photographers, we can commission art that is tailored and styled to your brand or theme”

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One-way vision vinyl graphic

The benefits of using the One-way vision window graphics is that you can still see through the window from inside the building although from inside does look like it is tinted. The One-way vision is a perforated self adhesive vinyl which is digitally printed on the face and the rear sticky side of the vinyl is black. The one-way vision works by tricking the eye to focuses on the printed face and not through the small holes. There is limitation to the One-way vision window graphic at night when the primary light source is from inside the building or behind the graphic the eye  effectively focuses on where the light source is coming from and you see though the holes. This then makes the printed graphic transparent.

There are different types of One-way vision for close, mid or long view. The difference is the hole radio which can be either 45/55, 50/50 or 70/30.

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