Photographic Wall Art

Another installation of high quality photographic wall art canvas prints for the building developer St James at Smithfield Square, London N8.

Photographic wall art






Photographic wall art

Photographic wall art onto canvas is getting very popular as the quality of the print has gone up and the actual print cost has come down. There are many companies producing good, high quality canvas prints or photographic wall art for consumers. Customers personal photos, own painting and drawings can now be digitally printed up to 3 meters wide and almost any length on artist grade cotton canvas. There is also a wide range of ridged materials like acrylic (Perspex) as well as aluminium composite (Dibond) which has many different finishing e.g. matt, gloss, mirror and brush effect.  You can also get a good range of different frames.

Project Print Management is not in this market, as so many companies are producing for consumers high quality canvas printing and photographic wall art competitively. PPM offer specialist, unique, high quality limited edition artwork.

The importance of one off licenced printing is growing as both artists and clients recognised the necessity of individuality. Whether its photography, original artwork or illustrations, mass production printing devalues the art, and the artist. This is why professional artists stay clear of mass printing.

We work with Art Vogue a specialist artwork printing business who consults their clients and artists to ensure the high quality level of detail the art deserves. Art Vogue offer consultation service through to design and installation. They are a complete solution business. From standard pictures through to bespoke wall murals tailored to suit any space. They apply a level of details that high quality art merits.

This installation was a special commission for the Smithfield Square London N8 development. We installed three high quality wall art which was digitally printed onto an artist canvas and mounted onto a wooden frame.

The installation took about 3 hours and most of that was the client deciding which picture to put where!

Photographic wall art Photographic wall art




For more information on limited edition Photographic wall art please contact Project Print Management or visit our blog.