BMW Park Lane Scaffold wrap for London Olympics 2012

Out of all the Scaffold wrap challenges we have undertaken this project was by far the most challenging.

Scaffold wrap

The brief was to install a digitally printed building wrap  and hoarding to an existing scaffolding structure at BMW Park Lane, London, to tidy up the unattractive scaffolding for the Olympics.  The main issue was that the scaffolding structure had been up for almost 10 years and as the tubes are made from steel will have corroded.  The original scaffolding structural engineer has since gone and no other scaffolding company would touch it, as once they did would become liable for any failures.

Scaffold wrap needs to be designed and installation professionally.

As Park Lane is such an iconic road, the Mayor of London and Westminster Council was putting pressure on to either take the scaffolding down or cover it. The main contractor was unable to commit if the outside works would be complete so BMW Park Lane contracted PPM to see if we could make this building wrap and hoarding happen, as all the other companies suggested it would just not be possible.

We called all our best teams of contractors and surveyed the structure.  PPM only works with the best problem solver contractors collated together over 20 years of experience and we came up with a plan. This all rested on finding a structural engineer who would survey the existing structure and design a secondary structure so the scaffolding would hold the building wrap even in strong winds.

Scaffold wrap structure

After a month’s worth of investigating we found a qualified scaffolding engineer willing to design our secondary scaffolding and we gladly reported to BMW that PPM can produce their building wrap and hoarding.

We were commissioned to make a start on getting all the element of the project together as BMW was still unsure if the main contractor was able to remove the old scaffolding.

As time ticked away the main contractor pulled out all the stops and managed to get the scaffolding down 4 days before for the opening Olympic ceremony. Although we were disappointed our building wrap and hoarding did not go up, there was no doubt much relief for BMW Park Lane flagship showroom!

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