Cost of Digitally Printed Building Wrap on Mesh Banner

Mesh Banner are used for building wraps mainly because its lighter in weight and not because it lets the wind through.

The price of printed building wraps is less than you think.  Building wraps can be as large as covering a whole museum or as small as just covering a section of scaffolding.

Mesh Banner

Cost of Digitally Printed Building Wrap on Mesh Banner

The main challenge is gaining planning permission from the local council as they discourage building wraps for pure advertising purposes.   An advertisement can be anything from a fully designed creative visual, to a simple company name, telephone number or web address. Under the Town and Country Planning Control (control of Advertising) Regulation 2007 any advertisement above 4.6 meters from the ground level (3.6 meters if in conservation area and a lot of London is in a conservation area) will need to gain planning permission.

For building wraps to be commercially viable they need to give a return on investment in the way of public exposure or to benefit the local community enough to make the construction project more efficient. The printed building wrap will help the community by reducing dust, hiding the workforce and unsightly scaffolding structure. By keeping the building site as smart and tidy as possible it will demonstrate to the community you care about how the building work will affect them.

So how do you get around designing and printing an effective building wrap without advertising on it?  We can simply design the building wrap with an artist impression or CGI of the building or we can take photographic image of the original building. If the scaffolding is already installed we can take a photo of a nearby property and modify some of the detailing so the owner does not notice.

We can also design the building wraps with a generic pattern or even a forest!

Small building wraps start from around £1500 + VAT which includes, 2 hours artwork, digitally printed mesh banner and installation in west of London.

For large-scale building wrap the printed mesh banner wrap starts from £13.00 per meter square and installation from £7.00 per meter square. Prices subject to survey and VAT.

Please also note that the above costs does not include the scaffolding structure or modification to the scaffolding which will need to be carried out by the scaffolding contractor.

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