Marketing Hoardings for New Development in London

Printed marketing hoarding

Marketing Hoardings for New Development in London

Marketing a new development during its construction is a good way to sell the houses and apartments before they are even finished being built.  This is why getting the site hoarding advertising up as quickly as possible to benefit from this unique and free advertising space.

Advertising and marketing hoardings for developments are much cheaper than other forms of outdoor advertising like billboards and on buses. In most cases you do not need to get planning consent for advertising. However is worth checking with the local planning authority as the site might be an a conservation area which can be restrictive.

Marketing Hoardings are useful for many reasons. Mainly its advertising to the local market and the billboard space is for free. It makes the overall construction site look alot more professional and tidy. Something which is important to potential clients thinking about buying a property. The hoarding is huge sign, which identifies the building site which is important for deliveries.

This advertising hoarding that we installed near Wandsworth, London, was digitally printed high resolution onto 3mm aluminium composite panel and matt laminated. We used a matt as the client was concerned that the design gets lost when the sun hits a gloss surface as it reflects and the detail in printed hoarding cannot be seen.

We spent a lot of time colour matching to our clients required dark red and the end result was the client was very pleased with the high quality print and colour consistency.

This marketing hoarding was 30 meters long and was installed in just one day. For more information on digitally printed marketing hoarding for developers please click here. For our latest print projects please visit our blog or contact us.

The primary purpose of the marketing hoarding is to provide people with the facility to show their advertisements with large format printing visuals. For the development and construction sites, marketing hoardings serve as barriers and brand visibility sources. 

If you have been given the responsibility of marketing, of course, you will prefer the most suitable and cost-effective channel for this purpose. Marketing hoarding is one of the great methods that carries exceptional value as compared to other advertising methods.

£1,000 will be the cost for a 48-sheet advertising billboard. These are charges for one month’s advertisement.  

But, if you choose the hoarding of the same size, it will not cost you more than half of £1,000. 

If you prefer hoarding in place of billboards for 12 months, you will be saving approximately £10,000. 

Moreover, you have the option to revive your hoarding boards in that time depending on the trend, interest and sales. Even you can promote other developments, still making noteworthy savings.

To have the best result out of the marketing hoardings, there must be an intelligent selection of colours, photography, and quality that may attract the attention of people. The maximum concentration of the public could be gained by keeping the design moderate and adding the best visual and graphics. Other things like the size of the words and place of the hoardings must be kept in consideration too.   

We have worked with some of the largest construction companies, property, and development projects all over the UK. We work in a team with your specialists in order to provide you with the facility of high-quality and alluring advertising messages through marketing hoardings, before a development unlocks its gates.