The largest building wrap we have produced over the past few years

With the start of the new year we reflect and look at some of our largest building wraps we have produced and installed. With building wraps, size is everything, but literally comes at cost. Covering up unattractive scaffolding structures or buildings its not a new idea. Having now been in the print business for some 25 years we have seen some ambitions building wrap projects. Unfortunately, not all pull off due to budgets, councils not giving advertising consent, just not feasible due to wind loadings or structural issues. As you would expect safety is a top priority. Therefore, qualified engineers need to calculate on what stress loadings a structure can handle. A professional building wrap company like Project Print Management will always supply wind-loading calculation when needed.

We offer full management, design, print and installation with a maintenance package for peace of mind.

Our Largest Building wrap was Everton Football Club stadium. 3700M2

At 3700M2 of digitally printed mesh wrapped around the external of Everton FC stadium in Liverpool. Due to the sheer size and age of the stadium a specialist engineering company had to be called in to install the structure sub-frame. This was because the building wrap is a permanent installation.   

The second biggest wrap was the Harley Street project. Totalling 2035M2

This was on a total of nine buildings over four separate wraps. These trompe l’oeil wraps are our speciality and very effective. You can literally walk past and not even notice they are there, job done!

Loseley House our third biggest building wrap totalling 1184M2.

With one section totalling 880M2 pretty much the limit in one piece weighing in at 350kg. Loseley House our closest project just 1 mile from our office.

Wigmore Street, London, 1000M2

Totalling 1000M2 over seven elevations on five separate mesh banners. The sub-frame for this project was very complex to ensure no fixings could be seen.  We had an added challenge as the building fascia was being retained and need to be surveyed once a week. several holes had to be pre-installed for the laser survey so we had to ensure the wrap was in the precise position.

Scaffold wrap
Wigmore Street, London scaffold wrap