Egyptian Cultural Centre has Large Mesh Building wrap in Mayfair

This Large Mesh Building wrap we produced in Mayfair, London. This is a great example of how to get advertising onto a Large Mesh Building wrap. The Egyptian Cultural Centre and Educational Bureau negotiated with the planning department to agree on advertising on 40% of the building wrap. This would therefore justify the cost of on installing a building wrap.

Large Mesh Building wrap
Large Building wrap and Printed Builders Hoarding in Mayfair, London

Adams and Collingwood Architects called us in to install a large printed building wrap and builders hoardings onto The ECEB. The Egyptian Cultural Centre and Education Bureau building, which was going under renovation.

Working on this project did take its time due to the unrest in Egypt which naturally had a knock on effect to the UK. However we were finally commissioned in January to undertake this prestigious building wrap in Mayfair, London.

Large Mesh Building wrap was digitally printed

The printed wrap was digitally printed on a PVC mesh material on our solvent 5 meter wide digital HP Scitex printer. The building wrap was to be on two elevations which went around a 90 degree bent. The client wanted the face of the building wrap to be as smooth as possible. We had to work closely with the scaffolding contractor to insure the scaffolding structure was suitable for a one piece building wrap. Which they did perfectly!

The builder’s hoardings were digitally printed on our UV Inca Spyder large format flat-bed printer. Onto a 3mm aluminium composite panel.

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