Large Backdrop Printing for theater or TV

Using a large backdrop banner is a perfect way to make your film or theatre stand out from the rest. Old fashioned methods of printing are replaced by modern tools and techniques. Hand-painted backdrops were used for films and theatre in the past, but they are replaced by modern digital backdrop printing. These large backdrops are proved to be more cost-efficient and durable. If you have a tough schedule and your recordings are being canceled for lockdown reasons, then printed backdrops are your best option to get the job done quickly. These backdrops could be printed in a short period. The old-fashioned method of painted backdrops for several applications is replaced by digital backdrop printing. These could be used for film scenery, theatrical productions, outdoor events, studio photography, concerts, weddings, and much more. Some benefits of using digitally printed backdrops are mentioned below.

Large backdrop

Durability and transporting large backdrop

Backdrop banners are more durable. Because of their durability, they can be easily transported from one place to another. You can take your banner anywhere while traveling. Once you got a banner printed you can use it for the next several years. There will be no quality loss.

Wide choice of materials for printing

Another benefit of backdrop printing is that it could be done on a wide range of materials as per your choice. Materials include synthetic fabrics, muslins, cotton, etc. Not just that, but flame-retardant materials are used in these banners as a precautionary measure.

Replacing a damaged large backdrop

Backdrop banners can be replaced very quickly in case of damage. As the design is permanently saved on the computer so in case a banner got damaged you can replace it with a new one. You can store these banners for a longer period as the quality of the pictures will not be affected. You can order a new banner for your event and you will get it in a day.

Single or double-sided

In case you do not have enough space for a large number of banners to be hanged in an event then you can print on both sides. You can place an order for a single-side design banner or double as per your need. You can use these banners in a theatre, wedding, or any other event. The double-sided banner will save you money. They will also require a small space.

Non-reflective matt finish

Backdrop printing provides a non-reflective matt finish. It does not affect your eyesight and calms your nerves. Using a better color scheme could attract your targeted audience to a greater extent.

Project Print Management

We provide backdrop printing services at project print management. You can use your design for printing but keep in mind that it should be in high resolution. You have to make sure that the resolution should not below 100 dpi. If it falls below 100 then it could not be printed as the results will not be good. We can provide a design service if you need it. The brightness of the colors and design size matters a lot for your event so choose carefully. From a standard pocket top and bottom for a pole to a simple hem of eyes, we provide the most complex backdrop printing.

With our Dye sublimation backdrops, you can even wash your banners. The quality of the designs or colors will not be affected. We create original backdrops for our clients. Discuss your design with us or use our design service and rest assured that you will get the perfect banner design for your event.

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