Greenpeace Interactive Billboard

Interactive billboard. Greenpeace once again gives us another very difficult printing project which has a “Detox” twist. Greenpeace Poster and Billboard Challenge

Wash and Learn!

Greenpeace set us another challenge at the beginning of the year and asked us to come with an interactive Billboard which is eco friendly  paper based poster 1200mm high x 1800mm wide and paper billboard 2500mm high x 3500mm wide campaign which people could interact with whilst being able to have two messages.

The first message, reading just “Want to know a dirty little secret?” with the rest of the poster / billboard area blacked out. The second message which is under the blackout message, reads “Global fashion brands are poisoning our rivers” with an image of a pipe spilling toxic waste into a river with the Greenpeace web address and QR code.

Just to add to the already very difficult print project the posters & billboards needed to be in 7 languages and sent to 10 different counties which were Mexico, Spain, Thailand, Indonesia, East Asia, Germany, Switzerland, Philippines, Sweden, and Denmark.

The 200gsm paper is ECF (Chlorine Free Bleaching) Eco friendly manufacturing process which has a stringent carbon cutting emission programme and implementation of innovative projects to use renewable energy in the manufacturing process: biomass and enzymatic treatments. The paper manufacture also has ISO 9001 quality management certification and ISO 14001 environmental certificate.

The clever bit is the special water-soluble ink which is biodegradable, and is practically non-toxic to aquatic species and does not bioaccumulate.

The primary image was digitally printed on a UV printer and then the poster were blackout with the special water removable ink using a traditional screen-print process.

The “Dirty little secret” slogan which was also in 7 languages was digitally printed on a HP 9000 high-resolution printer onto a self adhesive vinyl which was then stuck on by hand onto each poster and billboard.

The interactive Billboard posters were then rolled into tubes and air freighted to the 10 countries. Unfortunately not all the packages got to their destinations on time due to hold ups at customs and one package took 3 weeks! But nevertheless most of the Greenpeace global branches received there special posters and took video of how the public interacted with our posters, which you can see from the video.

This is just another example of the creative printwork we can produce, and for more unusual and challenging print projects please contact us to see how we can help you.

For more information on other Greenpeace work we have produced please visit World Record Eco Banner. 

Information from Greenpeace web site:

Dirty little secret

For World Water Day we decided to tell you a little secret, just wash and learn.

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