The importance of Creative hoarding design

Developers wanting to stand out in the crowd must have creative hoarding design in order to be seen.

Creative Hoarding Design

This creative hoarding designed for a small developer in Twickenham is right on a busy road giving the developer great opportunity to advertise the small development. The developer had to ‘stand out from the crowd’ and wanted to stay away from standard developers hoardings using library lifestyle images.

As we know colour always catches the eye, especial in a mundane suburb on a busy road which is lined with residential houses made from brick or white render.

Creative hoarding design its all about the colourful artwork

Keeping a building site hoarding simple and informative is very important. The public must be able to quickly glance at the developers hoarding and know what is being built on the site. This is more challenging you than you think as you always have a number of stakeholders like the main developer, builder contractor and estate agent all wanting there prominence on the hoarding.

Creative Hoardings Design

We designed this creative hoarding and made sure it was colourful and simple, we made it out of 3mm aluminium composite board. Digitally printed onto a self-adhesive vinyl and laminated with an anti-graffiti film for addition protection and longevity. The anti-graffiti film laminated will protect the print from minor damage due to the nature of a building site and also gives the developers hoarding a high gloss finish. As this was a small printed hoarding it was unnecessary to add header and kickers which can upset the look of the hoarding and just increases the cost.

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