Illuminated hoarding using LED’s for developer in Kent

Illuminated hoarding is a great way to stand out in the crowded especially at night. With the advances in LED technology, illuminated hoardings are very reliable and with low running costs.

Illuminated hoarding

Planning for your illuminated hoarding

The illumination comes from an LED lightbox (some people call it a LED sign tray) which is ideally installed behind the hoarding structure and a hole cut out of the plywood. It is not always possible to do this as all the supports for the hoarding structure are in the way. Therefore, careful planning of the hoarding artwork should be made before the hoarding structure goes up. Retrospectively altering the structure could be expensive.

If installing the LED lightbox behind the structure is not possible then it can be installed on the front of the hoarding. There are two options, an LED lightbox which is 80mm deep or a LED panel which is just 8mm thick.

Illuminated hoarding

As the LED lightbox is 80mm deep treated wooden battens to packing out around the lightbox will need to be installed. This will make a cavity between the hoarding structure and printed hoarding panel. This might not be an issue however bear in mind your illuminated area will be 80mm proud of the rest of the hoarding. The LED light sheets at 8mm thick are very good but also very expensive. As they are custom made this takes 2-3 weeks for production

Illuminated hoarding is made from 3mm thick aluminum composite

This printed illuminated hoarding was digitally printed high resolution onto 3mm thick aluminium composite panel (also know as ACM or Dibond) It was then over laminated with anti-graffiti film to give the print some additional protection against graffiti. The laminate also gives some protection against the UV from the sun and dust which become abrasive when the hoarding is clean. As this is a construction site there is a lot of dust and needs regularly cleaning.

The areas which are to be illuminated were fret cut out using a CNC router and backed with an opal acrylic which will allow the light to pass through it.

In additional to the illuminated hoarding the client also opted for a V sign to engage drivers more when driving passed the development.

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