Hoarding graphics marketing developers construction site London.

Printed hoarding

Printed hoarding graphics for developers marketing their construction site in Wigmore street, London.

Hoarding graphics are an essential marketing and advertising tool for developers. Getting the construction sites marketing message and keeping the local community informed about the development is vital.

The developers for this site on Wigmore Street, London wanted a hoarding graphics around the whole construction site advertising the prime location retail and restaurant space available.

Printed graphic hoarding

The construction work has only just started so getting the printed hoarding up quickly was important for the developers so they could maximise the advertising hoarding as the redevelopment will take two years.

Hoarding graphics

This printed hoarding graphic was quite complex to install

As the hoarding structure was on 14 different elevations and the levels were variable due to the steel structure holding the building facade. We had to work closely with developers in-house graphic designer as the marketing team had already signed off the hoarding graphics design. The graphic designer did not appreciate the complexity of the hoarding as the artwork design continued from one side of the construction site to the other.  As the hoarding levels were all variable this makes it very difficult to line all the hoarding graphic panels up. Each panel is digitally printed onto 1220mm x 2440mm (8ft x 4ft) 3mm aluminium composite panel and then laminated with an anti-graffiti for additional protection and longevity.

With the graphics designer we had to make some artwork alteration which allowed us to make strategic correction to the hoarding graphic levels.

We installed header and kickers to hide the irregularities in the printed hoarding boards and managed to complete the installation in 2 days totalling 60 liner meters.

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