Hoarding Graphic for leading bank’s atrium

Hoarding Graphic can be used in a number of ways. Whether it is for advertising, marketing or just to bright up the area whilst building work is being carried out.

Hoarding Graphic not just for advertising

Hoarding Graphic

This hoarding Graphic project we produced for BNP Paribas was for a hoarding both external and internal. The Marylebone office is one of the corporate and institutional bank’s main offices in London. The main rotating door into the reception area and is in the middle of the atrium needed replacing.

Replacing the rotating door was going to take a month and due to health and safety a hoarding needed to be erected to protect the pubic and to hide the unsightly building work.

Artwork for the Hoarding Graphic

This area is the entrance into the building and the client did not want to look at the cumbersome wooden hoarding. They wanted something easy and attractive to look at.

As the hoarding area was 2.44 meters high x 13 meters long the image needed to very landscape. A design of a landscape was the practical choice. Being BNP Paribas is a French business a landscape of beautiful green and yellow French hills seemed ideal.  

We made a few suggestions and to keep the design costs down sourced some photos from a royalty free photo library. We artwork the image by mirroring and stretching it a little so the design was continuous over the 13 meter length.  

Printed Hoarding

Aluminium composite is the ideal material for printed hoardings

Our Hoarding Graphic are digitally printed onto a quality 3mm thick aluminium composite panel (ACM) and then fixed to the hoarding structure. We often apply an anti-graffiti over-laminate to the panel however for this project we felt it not necessary as most of the hoarding graphic was internal and building has 24-hour security.

For more information on printed hoardings or for our latest work please visit our blog page.