Glass Graphics for POS on Fridges

Glass Graphics for Point of Sale displays on Fridges

General Mills the owners of Häagen-Dazs asked Justin Murray to come up with some new ideas for branding on glass graphics on their ice cream fridges which are strategically positioned in shops, theatres and cinemas. As these fridges are part of Häagen-Dazs Point of Sale (POS) strategy they wanted customers to be more engaging with the fridges yet not to be distracted from the important product inside. They also did not want the doors to be opened and closed unnecessary, as the ice cream needs to be kept at 0 degrees F (-18 degrees C).

With this in mind we came up with a few designs for print onto glass graphics and used the internal lights to give us different visual effects.

Glass Graphics for POS

Branding with the lights off:

The left hand fridge we use a reversed perforated one way vision material  giving a dark look but still being able to view the contains. The middle fridge branding we UV digitally printed with a white pass on frosted material to give a cold feel, and on the right a digital print onto a backlit Contravision vinyl material with an optical laminate for easy cleaning.

Glass Graphics for POS

Branding with the light on:

Now the branding comes alive, the left hand fridge you can see right through the glass displaying the ice cream products, the middle fridge gives a cold frosty glow and the right fridge the image is ghosted but the Häagen-Dazs logo still visible as well as being able to still view the products inside.

And now the clever part!

The left hand fridge when the door is opened you are able to see a message on the inside of the door giving another opportunity to advertise new products or sales promotions.

Glass Graphics

A combination of new printing technique and vinyl materials inspired us to come up with this unique idea within the retail display environment.

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