Fun Construction Site Hoardings Around Skips

Fun construction site hoardings will get noticed and enhance the local area.

fun construction site hoardings

Innovative and fun construction site hoardings will always get attention.

Therefore does not need marketing content to get noticed. This will then get around the strict advertising restrictions especially around London.

Building and construction work is never-ending and the need to refurbish properties is very disruptive for the local community. With space at a premium in central London and greater London basements have become very popular however require a huge amount of earth moved and taken away. A skip is require in front of the properly and for safety reasons needs to be fenced off with a hoarding as well the main site needs a hoarding for Health and Safety.

The combination of these to cumbersome hoardings is very unattractive and can be positioned for over a two years whilst the building work is carried out. This will no doubt upset the neighbours who can make the building contractor and owner’s life very difficult.
Keeping the neighbours on side is key to a successful project and shows you are making the effort in keeping the area as attractive and tidy as possible which will go a long way with the community.

By applying attractive, innovative or even fun hoardings this will certainly enhance the building site and will show you are conscientious towards the local community. Whilst it does cost a little bit more than a standard plain hoarding this extra cost will certainly appease the neighbours which will have longer term benefits.

Fun hoardings needs to be creative but also not look stupid or offensive as this will devalue the construction site. At Project Print Management we have the creative designers to assist you with the fun construction site hoardings. Please contact us today or visit our blog page.