External facade wrap for Harley St, London.

External facade wrap is used to hide scaffolding structures or unsightly areas where buildings are being renovated or underdevelopment. External facade wrap are usually used in areas of conservation to ensure the areas amenity is upheld.

This External facade wrap we produced on the notorious Harley Street, London which is home to many prestigious medical consultants and hospitals. Keeping the streetscape looking good is very difficult especially when so many buildings on Harley Street were built in the Regency era and constantly having to refurbished or renovated.

External facade wrap

External facade wrap returns

The mesh External facade wrap was digitally printed

The printed mesh wrap was digitally printed onto close weave PVC mesh banner totalling 30 meters wide x 15 meters high. This included the two returns to cover the depth of the scaffolding. The returns are often forgotten went clients ask us to provide a quotation and are really necessary to finish off the facade wrap.

The building façade was photographed using a Nikon camera.

The building façade was photographed using a Nikon camera set at the highest resolution both RAW and JPEG images. Setting the camera to take both RAW and JPEG photos will allow the designer to get a better representation of the building colour and print resolution.

A scaffolding sub-frame is required and is the large part of the job. PPM can hire and install the scaffolding sub frame ensuring a single responsibility for the whole building wrap. However as we are not a scaffolding business it is possible we might not be as competitive as the scaffolding company already carrying out the main scaffolding structure.  We are happy to work with your chosen scaffolding contractor and assist them in installation the External facade wrap sub frame.

This facade wrap was installed in just 5 hours onto the scaffolding sub-frame by our specialist rope access team.

External facade wrap

Please contact us with the sizes and address of the building you want the façade wrap on. For more example of our work please visit our blog.