Exhibition Graphics for a tough client

Exhibition Graphics is something thing we normally stay clear of, for many reasons. With now so much choice in exhibition displays there are many ‘off the shelf’ schemes which look very good, reusable and easy to install. They are also inexpensive with cheap exhibition components coming from China. This leaves little opportunity to find cost effective unique print solution for clients. But mainly we do not get involved with Exhibition Graphics is because of the very tight timeline clients ask for. This gives us little time to properly and effectively manage the project.

Exhibition Graphics

Exhibition Graphics, this client was going to be difficult!

However, on this occasion we had to take on the Exhibition Graphics. We knew this client was not going to be easy as it was the Wife! The Client (aka wife) was exhibiting at the Olympia London exhibition centre in Kensington and had booked a three meter x two meter stand. The stand comes with a shell scheme which is basically rear and side walls, and carpet. Having looked into a standard 3×3 POP UP system it was decided this looks too basic and did not cover all of the shell scheme walls with a graphic design.

Shell Clad a great Exhibition Graphics solution

It was suggested to use a Shell Clad system which clips into the shell scheme. A ‘T’ shapes clip which has a Velcro top, allowing a Correx sheet (twin walled plastic corrugated sheet made from extruded high-impact polypropylene) to be installed onto the clip. The Correx sheet (they call it Magiclad) has been cut along the rear corrugation allowing it to be rolled. Very clever!

The Shell Clad System fully covers the shell scheme walls making the stand look unique and professional. The system can also be reused for other exhibitions using the same Octagonal Shell Scheme system. It’s worth noting there are many different types of shell scheme and the Shell Clad is not a one system fit all.  So check what shell scheme is being used at the exhibition.

Exhibition Graphics

Exhibition Graphics

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